How much will I be able to borrow?

The amount that you will be eligible to borrow will be determined by a number of factors such as income level, financial history and the amount you intend to borrow. Most lenders aim to approve the amount closer to the amount you request.

How much time do I get to repay the borrowed amount?

Repayment is usually due within 2 weeks or 14 days from the date that the money was deposited to your account. Depending on your circumstances, the repayment date could be shortened or extended up to 30 days, but you will need to discuss those options directly with your lender.

What are the fees?

The finance charge will be determined by the location or state where you reside. You will usually be expected to repay the amount borrowed in addition to the interest charge or fees. Each state has their own laws based on the amount you borrow. Those fees and rates will be present prior to you signing off and agreeing to the terms of the application.

What if I have bad credit?

Most lenders use an alternative verification system to approve or determine eligibility and borrowers with poor credit are often approved and by repaying on time could also help to improve credit overtime.

Can anyone get approved for a payday loan?

You need to meet the requirements of the application to be eligible get your application approved. The most common requirements are you need to have an income source that is steady and verifiable, you need to meet the minimum age requirement which is 18, check account and a phone number.

Would I be able to receive multiple loans at any given time?

The number of loans you would be eligible to receive would depend solely on the lenders state that you intend to borrow from.

What will happen if I cannot repay?

This will vary by state and lender. Some states place restrictions on rolling over the loan, while other states allow you to refinance your loan for another loan period. Basically you will be required to pay the interest and fees on the date due and the principal or borrowed amount will rollover.